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Arabesque Band

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Leather Bracelet Cuff, "Bird in Flight" in Black Leather

Leather Bracelet Cuff Bird in Flight in Black von LoveAtFirstBlush


Balletband – Balletband – Hands Free Resistance Band for Dancers

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Superior Band Attitude, Arabesque, Ponche Stretch

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Textile fragment 13th–14th century 55.9 x 32.7 cm, Ground of red satin patterned with interlacing octagons and poly-lobed medallions enclosing geometric ornament and arabesques woven with worn and tarnished metal thread (gilded skin wound on linen) and blue, green and yellow silk; crossed by band with affronted buds divided by trees woven with worn metal thread on red ground, above and below narrower bands of interlocking blue and geometric forms.


Porcelain bowl with flaring sides and deep foot, decorated in underglaze cobalt blue. Squared spirals at foot and rim, with separated lotus petals on the lower part of the body. Medallion on inside centre surrounded by flower heads and an arabesque band.

Ottoman Empire turban migfer (helmet) late 15th century, steel, shaped like a painted dome with vertical fluting in the center. Decorated in the 19th century with a long calligraphic band, palmettes and arabesques damascened in gold and silver. A moveable nosepiece and a camail (mail curtain protecting the neck and shoulders). Turban helmets are named for their large turban like form they seem to originate from the 14th century with most surviving examples dating from the 15th to 16th…


A MINA'I POTTERY CAT CENTRAL IRAN, CIRCA 1200 Crouching on flat base, the head with pricked ears, long nose and irregular eyes, the thick body with moulded legs, a vertical spout with loop handle rising from the neck, the rump with small double spout, the white ground decorated with natural features, human figures, harpies and arabesques within blue-outlined panels, the main spout with black arabesque band