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Yoga Styles: How Each Type Differs

Bikram, Ashtanga, power yoga and Anusara explained.


Yoga Essential Flow

Beat insomnia and boost relaxation with our bedtime essential flow. A 12 minute yoga sequence perfect to soothe your mind and body before bed. Put on your coziest PJs, grab a cup of chamomile tea and unwind!


What Is Anusara Yoga And What Are Its Benefits?

Anusara Yoga And Its Benefits


What Is Anusara Yoga?

Anusara Yoga, or “Yoga of the Heart” was founded by John Friend in the 1990’s. Friend, a student of Iyengar yoga, developed an asana system centered on the universal principles of alignment. There is a set ritual used to open each class: three oms, followed by three chants of the Anusara invocation in Sanskrit. Anusara …


Yoga and Metabolism: Myths and Truths

Increase your metabolic rate with these yoga poses! A morning yoga session will leave you burning calories all day long.

Complete Anusara Yoga class with Marie Lumholtz. A moderately-paced Level I class. Very good cuing for alignment. Those who are working on handstand will appreciate the instruction and practice for kicking up against the wall.