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Antike Sonnenuhr

This "Pomander Watch" is from the year 1505 and was made by Peter Henlein, the inventor of the pocket watch. It is beleived to be the First Pocket Watch ever made.


Antike Sonnenuhr und Kompass-Nachbildung-massiv Messing-Sonnenuhr-Life is Not a destination a Journey: Sport & Freizeit

antike Sonnenuhr mit Kompass Nostalgie Zeitmesser aus Messing in Holzbox Geschenkbox aus Holz mit Anleitung, Kompassnadel feststellbar

Brass polyhedral sundial from 1578 approximates shape of the Alouette satellite, 1962, Canada "The equatorial dial on this polyhedral sundial is marked with all 24 hours (1..12, 1..12). It was made by Hans Koch in Munich in 1578. The original is in Munich."


thought to be the oldest sundial in the world it is carved on a stone outside the tomb of Knoth in County Meath. The two holes in the center of the image probably held the gnomon (Object used to cast the shadow.)