I will always have a love for horses.... For they are just like a loyal dog... A girls best friend.... -shy

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Dapple grey Anglo-Arab....... Could be a replica of White Lightning.

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Anglo-Arabian ~thoroughbred crossed with an arabian ~ France one of greatest producers of this breed ~best examples of breed inherit good bone, endurance, and speed

The Sardinian, Sardinian Anglo-Arab, Italian: Anglo-Arabo Sardo or AAS, is a horse breed that was established in Sardinia, originating from the crossing of Thoroughbred with Sardinian horses carrying Arabian blood. Its origins in Italy trace to Sardinia, where it has been selectively bred for more than one hundred years.

Icare D´Olympe AA Anglo Araber V: Feticheur AA MV: Impulsif AA *1996, Fuchs Stm. 164 cm

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Print of Dark Bay Anglo Arab Horse from original oil by Equuspaint

2017 Honorable Mention: Pictured are Rebekah Day and "Tres Chic", “a.k.a Schie”, a 15 year old female anglo-arab. The rosettes in this picture are year-end awards from the second year of showing at Horse Shows in the Park.

Palomino Anglo Arabian mare with Bend Or spots, Deep Gold

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2007 Anglo Arab mare

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