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Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States. He created the…

PRESIDENT ANDREW JACKSON. He is the ONE, the SINGLE, the ONLY President in history to have had no debt on his people. We were debtless then... so whats the damn problem?

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United States Presidents Gallery at Madame Tussauds DC

Andrew Jackson authorized the removal of Cherokees from their homelands; know as the Trail of Tears. He was the president from 1829-1837.


Andrew Jackson doesn't need secret service. Andrew Jackson does't care.


Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), seventh president of the United States (1829-1837), lived just long enough to have had a few photographic portraits taken.

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10 Presidential Scandals You Should Know

Before Andrew Jackson was president he married Rachel Donelson in 1791. She had previously been married and believed that she was legally divorced. However, after marrying Jackson, Rachel found out this was not the case. Her first husband charged her with adultery. Jackson would have to wait until 1794 to legally marry Rachel. Even though this happened over thirty years previously, it was used against Jackson in the election of 1828. Jackson blamed Rachel's untimely death two months later…

The "Trail of Tears" in 1838, the "Indian Removal Policy" began to implement the 1830 act of Congress, signed by President Andrew Jackson. This 'policy' forced the movement of Cherokees to land west of the Mississippi River.


We put Andrew Jackson on trial. You decide his historical fate #TEDEd