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Andreas Gursky

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Most expensive photos in the world on

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phillipsdepury: ANDREAS GURSKY | Rimini, 2003 | colour coupler print mounted on Plexiglas in artist’s frame

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Andreas Gursky


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Abb. I: Paris, Montparnasse, 1993 C-Print, 187 x 427,8 x 6,2 cm. Katalog Bankok, Seite 34

this picture is very nice because it has a lot of colours and instead of one part of the picture standing out the whole thing stands out

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The Best of Culture in Bahrain

photo by Andreas Gursky. "Noticing change is the key" (Federman, 2004). It is sometimes unclear what the true content of a media is displaying. This photo is an example of scale, pattern and perspective. From my cultural background I may interpret the black lines as roads, however when you look deeper that interpretation cannot be true based on the direction and scale. It urges a deeper analysis of the image and the cultural contexts at play. Source: Pinterest

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andreas gursky-shanghai

i think it stands out because it being bent and it you look closely out find out their is nothing on it

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The Photography of Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky. This image captures the amount of people that work in factories even though you dont see them. There is vivid pink throughout this picture

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