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This is the damaged prow of the SS Stockholm after it collided with the ocean liner SS Andrea Doria in 1956. The Andrea Doria capsized and sank, killing 52 people.

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The Most Famous Shipwrecks in American History

Underwater shipwrecks, another awesome experience in the ocean. Ship lords will forget their expected pennies from scrap metal.


Andrea Doria was an Italian luxury liner that capsized on July 26, 1956 after being struck by the freighter Stockholm off Nantucket. The liner was carrying 1200 passengers and 500 crew and incredibly was hit in the worst possible spot, preventing damage control and restricting fuel to the pumps. With limited ability to control the flooding, the ship succumbed after 11 hours of struggle in 236 feet of water. The captain was the last man off the ship. Fifty two passengers died in the…

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Nantucket Island Resorts

The Andrea Doria --- 29,083 tons, 700 feet long, 250 feet deep --- rests on her wounded starboard side ...


In the depths, the Andrea Doria claimed another

In the depths, the Andrea Doria claimed another - The Boston Globe