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Anchusa Officinalis

A Dutch garden with: delphinium, allium, lupine, anchusa azurea, pimpernel :


Godulis, vēršmēle, Anchusa officinalis

Gemeine Ochsenzunge (Anchusa officinalis)


Anchusa officinalis (syn. Anchusa arvalis); First Anchusae flos - In folk medicine for colds and bronchitis. Second Anchusae herba - In folk medicine including kidney problems, bronchitis, stomach ulcers and rheumatic complaints. Because of the toxic properties of existing PAs, the therapeutic use of drugs is of concern. Third Anchusae radix - Analog Anchusae herba. Because of the PAs contained the therapeutic use is questionable.


Ochsenzunge (Anchusa officinalis), mit Blüten

Common Bugloss (Anchusa officinalis) -- They're so cute!!

Limba boului, anchusa officinalis, | Anchusa Officinalis | Common Bugloss Ochsenzunge