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Dick Clark, in the late 1950s, at his podium station for the popular TV dance show, "American Bandstand."


Dick Clark's American Bandstand 50th Anniversary

American Band Stand.My brother and I stayed at odds over this and Gene Autry.

American Bandstand Sent my postcard to cast my vote for the dance contest. cost of stamp 10 cents

von Fashionista

We Remember Dick Clark With a Look Back at the Amazing Fashion on American Bandstand

Dick Clark & American Bandstand This was my favorite show...

American Bandstand with Dick Clark - ORIGINAL BANDSTAND THEME SONG from the late 50s that I remember when show was broadcast from Philadelphia. <3


American Bandstand - after school at Cookie Harvey's house


American Bandstand - every Saturday. Once I was old enough to do chores, the patch in front of the tv was the most vacuumed one in the house, thanks to this show!


American Bandstand: We used to watch it every afternoon in the day room when I was in the army. "At the Hop", by Danny and the Juniors: I believe that was 1956. Notice the dress code.