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Sherlock =) martins face in the second one is so adorable<<Because they got to be married a second time and it was adorable.

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Could Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington be any more adorable a couple? I am just not gonna be able to take them together in Sherlock Series 3--I see them beside each other in a promo and I already flip out. :)

"MARTIN FREEMAN OH MY GOD!!!!!! i LOVE that he knows about the otter and the hedgehog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does he feel knowing millions of people think he's a hedgehog...? Well according to Amanda Abbington, he laughs, he cries, and he curls up into a spiky ball for winter." <---This just made my day and I am prone to believe it. haha. ;} <--- pinning for the comments brb dying loooool

Amanda Abbington. Partners with Martin Freeman, I've only seen her in Sherlock, but I think she's a very good actress and she seems to have one of the BEST personalities EVER

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Meet Baby Watson in these delightful new photos from 'Sherlock' Season 4

SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ S4 behind-the-scenes photo: Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Benedict Cumberbatch

"In which the lovely Amanda Abbington suddenly realizes she is photo-bombing Martin’s black carpet interview. We love you, Amanda!" <3

"OMG, this! ^ Right here! This is why Amanda Abbington is one of the most lovely, wonderful people to ever grace the face of this Earth with her presence. <3 The world needs more Amanda Abbingtons. There would be less hate, and no more wars."

I just love that these two are a couple in real life. They so cute! Love Martin!