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Alte Weizen Dreschmaschine, Landmaschinen


Griechenland, Flüchtlinge, AfD: Deutschlands Neonationalismus - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Netzwelt


Horse Powered Combine | via shelly wexell


Steam Traction Engine @Jorge Martinez Cavalcante (JORGENCA)


The United States raised 36 million acres of oats and 75 million acres of hay out of a total of 330 million acres under cultivation in 1915. There were 21.5 million horses and the statistics are less clear for oxen, but they existed in comparable numbers. This was the all time peak amount of land dedicated for energy production rather than food. We plowed, two rows at a time, with horses and oxen. ;

Hoffest Erdbeerhof Glantz in Delingsdorf August 2016, alte Landmaschinen mit Geschichte