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Dreaming of a Dapper Little Mister? Click through for 35 old-fashioned names for your baby boy!

Baby Samuel aka "Sammy", an infant literally days old! He arrives at the orphanage in a blue blanket by a young sad girl in the rain! Ellen(the one who runs the orphange)nearly refusing to take in an infant for lack of no how or space. Eighteen year old Elizabeth steps up and takes on the responsibly of caring for this baby boy and a new journey of love begins!


Baby Boy Name: Nash. Meaning(s): Dweller by the Ash Tree; Adventurer; Cliff. Origin: Old English.


Baby Boy Name(s): Harrison and/or Harris. Meaning: Son of Harry. Origin: Germanic; Old English.

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Ideas for a baby room - love the old window with the name over the top of it

Ivanka Trump -- Ivanka Trump: "One week old. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and best wishes." -@Ivanka Trump Credit: Instagram


Baby boy's name Ezra. My beautiful brother Ezzie's name before he passed. One of my favorites. Ezra means "help" in Hebrew. Esdras was the Greek version, more suitable for countries where A endings are feminine (in California people often thought it was a girl's name). I do love Ezra for a girl as well. Ezra was a prophet of the Old Testament and author of the Book of Ezra in the Bible. Popular since the Protestant Reformation. See more baby name pins at…