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Arkansas Black Apples. Developed in Northwest Arkansas. Back before the industry moved to the Pacific Northwest and Arkansas was the big apple state.

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Apple Picking Season Is Here. Don't You Want More Than a McIntosh?

Dan Bussey has tracked down 17,000 varieties dating from Colonial times, the better to guarantee a world way beyond Red Delicious.

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Keeping Heirloom Apples Alive Is 'Like A Chain Letter' Over Many Centuries

Lady apples, often used in Christmas decorations, date back to the 1500s in Brittany, France. Orchard manager Ezekiel Goodband says women in the Renaissance would tuck them into their bosom and bite into them to freshen their breath. The DNA of these heirloom apples has been passed down over hundreds of years, and Goodband is one link in that chain.

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Spartan Apple Tree - my favourite heritage apple.

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Blue damson plum likely to handle drought moderately well grows in zone 5-9, to about 12-15' tall. Self fertile! fruiting size costs about $60 (for 7-8' tree)

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Stayman Winesap Apple- buy trees from

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Rubinette Apple. The sweetly tart flavor of Rubinette, a cross between Golden Delicious and Cox’ Orange Pippen, will please fans of Cox crosses. Loads of incredibly delicious, small-medium, attractive apples, golden with red stripes, ripen in early October. The patented scab and mildew resistant Swiss cultivar is a favorite of organic growers in Europe, where it is grown commercially. Planted 2007. Source: Raintree.

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Arkansas Black apples are delicious. The first time I tried to eat one I could not. I thought it was a fake because it was as hard as a baseball.

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Heirloom Apple Varieties You Can Grow

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