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Allison Bree

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"“They had me in these tiny underwear things that held NOTHING in. So when I lift my leg there, that is everyone’s real reaction. Look at Allison Bree’s face. That’s real!” - Joel McHale"


Arimay can take a lot of pain. She goes through a lot of it with the number of injuries she obtains.


elegante Hochsteckfrisuren Rote Haare Marcia Cross als Bree Van de Kamp


Allison Argent. Brave. Hunter. Teen Wolf.


"Finn?" I peek into the hospital room. He doesn't say anything so I continue on and sit next to him, rubbing his back. Seeing Seeing Mrs. Darcy in the hospital bed so pale was frightening. Being reminded of losing my mom, I knew I would do anything in my power to help Finn.