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Parent Functions - Graphic Organizers

Parent Function Graphic Organizers - domain, range, continuity, intervals of…


Synthetic Division in Algebra 2

Today I made a cheat sheet to give to our students tomorrow as we get ready for a polynomials quiz on Thursday and mid-year review next week. Really, the sheet is as much for me as it is for them:) It's a half-sheet so I papercut the sheet in half and hole punch for the kids to put in their binders. You can download it from the "Freebies!" section of the sidebar if your kids need a reminder too!


Domain and Range Intervention!

FREE domain and range practice cards.

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Algebra 2 Exponent Rule Review (Math = Love)

Algebra 2 Exponent Rule Review


FREE Algebra 2 Math Homework - Common Core High School Math with answer keys - 2 Weeks FREE!


Quickly Checkin' Algebra 2

Warmups are SO easy with these and my students are getting the repetition they need for things to stick. I often will give them a function and ask them to work their way up to the graph. The template works great both ways.


TEACHER: And that is how you find the MIN/MAX on your calculator. *BOOM* Drop the mic! STUDENT: What do I put in Y1? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ No more of this! Give your students a great reference sheet to put in their notebook and NEVER ask you the keystrokes again!

Complex Numbers Foldable and Kahoot for Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus.

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Asymptotes Doodle Notes

Asymptotes - note page that encourages right brain & left brain communication in Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus


Anchor Chart for Algebra II EOC Review on Parent Functions and Transformation ... made by Aubrey Wright and Evan Payne (April 2013).