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Albert Pierrepoint

The Albert Pierrepoint Hangman Memorabilia Collection. Including casts of Albert Pierrepoint's hands and feet and his personal execution book. For sale $100,765 (GBP 65,000) at Paul Fraser Collectibles. #pierrepoint #hangman #executioner #memorabilia

Robert Fabian (Fabian of the Yard) & Albert Pierrepoint


Albert Pierrepoint was a long-serving hangman in England. He executed at least 400 people, about half of them war criminals, including William Joyce (one of the men dubbed "Lord Haw-Haw"), and John Amery, whom he considered the bravest man he had ever hanged. Pierrepoint was often dubbed the Official Executioner, despite there being no such job or title. Following his retirement in 1956, the Home Office acknowledged Pierrepoint as the most efficient executioner in British history.


Plaster casts of Pierrepoint's Albert Pierrepoint'shands (plaster cast)