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Ich kaufe das Gemälde. Das Gemälde kostet 700,00.

Lovely #pleinair #watercolor by Marina Chugunova (@chugunova.marina) which she painted along the shore of the Moskva River running through the Silver Forest preserve area in Moscow Russia. There's an interesting almost dreamlike quality to the way that the vegetation and river were painted. Including just enough detail for you to know what it is that you're looking at Marina painted a few of the individual trees closer to the foreground in slightly different shades of green but then the…


Kia Neill created Residual Form 25 by manipulating pools of watered-down paint onto paper. Unlike traditional painting techniques, each stroke is formed without a brush, but with currents of air.

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Maria Malone: Makeup Illusionist

Maria Malone: Makeup Illusionist | Beautylish