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How to Make Agnolotti

Hailing from Piedmont in Italy, agnolotti are said to have been conceived at some point in the 14th century. The dish was so revered that it was named after the chef who created it. Discover how to make it

Know tortellini from cappelletti? What’s agnolotti? Here's a guide to help.

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Homemade Oxtail Agnolotti

Turn rich braised oxtail into light pillows of agnolotti, a type of pasta from the Piedmont region of Italy.


Butternut Squash Agnolotti with Apples, Spinach, and Sage-Brown Butter Sauce…

Agnolotti nach Alberto...engelsgleich

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Pasta und Nudelgerichte

Kürbis-Ravioli mit Pinienkern-Butter auf gedünstetem Lauch

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Mushroom Agnolotti

Mushroom Agnolotti #vegetarian