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Der Irakkrieg 2003 und Afghanistan heute

Total number of deaths in or related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - 6856

Let me show you how democracy works | Anonymous ART of Revolution


A decade of war in Afghanistan, in 50 pictures

Soldiers | Afghanistan War One the main themes in the novel is War, specifically in Iraq, and other muslim countries. This three marine soldiers purely express the honor and bravery of going to war. – Did you know that tinnitus is the number one disability among veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Soldiers returning home to Chicago are suffering from tinnitus in record numbers and we want to help. Please refer any veterans you know that are suffering from ringing-in-the-ears/tinnitus to Sonus Hearing Care Professionals.

Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge in Scotland, dedicated to the World War II British Commandos that trained at Achnacarry Castle