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Ann Mony & Adam Boehmer Photos by Gregory Bartning of "This was very serendipitous. The gentleman just happened to be riding by during the shoot. We tipped him to use the cart for a few photos." - Adam

I'm Nathan Garza. I am 18 and single. My powers are erasing memory, flying, and i can hallucinate people. I had a troubled past before and solved a few problems but not all. I am wise, outgoing, and charming. Introduce?

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adam gregory | Tumblr (More Christian)

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Adam Gregory as Raffe/Rafael from Angellfall (Meleğin Düşüşü) by Susan Ee

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The guys I went to high school did not look like this!

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Adam Gregory on the set of "The Bold and the Beautiful" as Thomas Forrester.

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Adam Gregory 3 Image

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Adam Gregory - I would marry this man (;

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Adam Gregory. "Evan Mathews".

Adam Gregory, 90210