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6 Woche Schwanger

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♥A sign that you are 'flashing'/eaten toxic food♥ "You are experiencing inflammation or edema: Are you retaining abnormal amounts of water? This could show up as weight gain. Do your hands and feet swell often? Are you consuming excessive animal protein, dairy, or GM wheat? What about refined sugars? Check the sodium levels in processed foods, especially ones you ate in the past 6 hours. Most doctors will not tell you that this is a dietary problem." --Natural News

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Das ist die 6. SSW (Schwanger­schafts­woche) auf einen Blick

In der 6. SSW können erste Schwangerschaftsbeschwerden auftreten. - 6. Schwanger­schafts­woche (SSW)


Schwangerschaftskalender: SSW berechnen


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