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Tiny in a box is the leading innovator in designing and building modular structures. We are located in Alabama, USA but can deliver worldwide. We can create any temporary or permanent structure including tiny homes and pop-up small business solutions. For more information about the Company and its new home developments please visit the Company’s …

Some brilliant ideas for 20ft containers by Michael Janzen from Tiny House Living “ This is just a little design exploration for how one might finish out a shipping container as a home. Some of the issues I’m noodling-through are: • Should a side...


Stack girl. 2 stacked 20ft containers painted at @abudhabiart over 2 days #abudhabiart #abudhabi #graffiti #isitstreetart #sya #syaone #spraypaint #container #containergraffiti #manaratalsaadiyat

Vorschriften für ein Containerhaus


Auch wenn er nicht die finanziellen Mittel hatte, baute er ein Haus, das auch die meisten Architekten blass werden lässt! Schau, was er geschaffen hat!