Sebastian Haupt

Sebastian Haupt

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Create instant clothes in just seconds and you'll never worry about sizes again.

invisible shoe tutorial

Fursuit Eyes you can see out of!

Latex claw glove tutorial - might be good for creature stuff, but nts: make sure safe and not to use as alt. weapon.

Sekanjabin recipes. It's basically Medieval Arabic Gatorade, only it tastes better. Make the syrup, infuse it with herbs like mint or ginger, dilute it with water and/or fruit juices, and you have the ideal drink for hot days and outdoor activities.

Leif the Silver Kirin by on @deviantART

Magic prop made with organsa (explanation on site) could be done with other colours to simulate fire!

How to improve your fursuit-crafting - Tail by FurForge on DeviantArt

We use dragon eggs to hold our lights. They work remarkably well because they amplify the light but the heat of the flames doesn't burn your hands.

Foot Guards - geniale Idee für alle deren Charakter eigentlich Barfuß laufen soll, das Gelände das aber nicht zulässt.