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Sommer auf Syros - ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST - Stein Waschbecken auf rustikalem Holz Waschtisch - eine tolle Idee für das Bad.

7 Things You Need To Create The Perfect Spa At Home

7 Things You Need To Create The Perfect Spa at Home // The bathtubs in spas range from sunken ones that you step gracefully into to free standing ones made from lavish stone that perfectly cradle your body as you sink down into them. Whichever one you prefer doesn't matter, as long as one of them is included.

Double Bay House :: projects :: dedece

Re-imagined Bath Fixtures by Front and Nendo

Re imagined Bath Fixtures by Front and Nendo in home furnishings art Category

badezimmer mi industrial-touch-dunkle industriefarben-verputzte wände

Moderne Badezimmer Bilder: Penthouse

Penthouse : Moderne Badezimmer von honey and spice

Carbon fiber Hammock Bathtub

Carbon fiber Hammock Bathtub

Floating Bath bath modern bathroom home ideas bathtub tile home decorating modern bathrooms modern bathtubs: Wow..., auch was für Seeleute AD.

Textured back wall

Inspiration Baden Baden Interior Amsterdam

15 Most Creative Sinks

Abisko | Forget filling up the sink with water — this Abisko Washbasin from Eumar is more a water flume than a sink. Turn on the faucet, and the water flows all the way down its undulating shape, draining through a strategically placed grate. There's also a version that turns the mini-river you create into a waterfall. We'd like to see something in between, turning your wastewater into whitewater rapids.