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As your anniversary approaches each year, the pressure for romance returns. What should I buy? What should we do? You may go with the flower power 、send a romantic card or theme the day, many ways you can use! How about this--a balloon for each year married with a memory tied to it.

Great Gifts For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Balloon in the center has something in it, the real present. Girl or guy pops all balloons and finally gets to the present. SO CUTE!

I'd totally love to get my hands on a rectangly calendar page with May 2004, and Saturday the 22nd marked by a little heart... - strangely enough I'd need the hole in one of the top corners, not in the middle. Drives me crazy, can't say why. And, of course, our week here starts with Monday, not Sunday. One for me, and one for him. Other important dates: August 26, 2011 (Lea) and September 5, 2013 (Hanna). And always a possibility: Two simple small tags with the old "I love you." & "I know."

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