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Vissi d'arte - Love and Music (Kindle Edition)By Joanna Stephen-Ward

Material Witness (Romantic Suspense Novel) (Heroes of Providence) (Kindle Edition)By L.A. Mondello

Tristan Michel: Bloodline of Passion (The Gastien Series) (Kindle Edition)By Caddy Rowland

Cross My Heart (Kindle Edition)By Katie Klein

Unheard Cries: Rock Store Rebel (Paperback)By Joyce Mitchell

De Marco Empire (Paperback)By J. Lou McCartney

In Whom Should I Trust (Paperback)By Shawnta' C Richard

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"Don't Give Up," Said Mom (Kindle Edition)By Christina Leigh Pritchard

The Fall Guy (Kindle Edition)By Simon Wood

This Time You Lose (Kindle Edition)By Chris Stralyn