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Like the idea of having a white background with blocks of colour in a grid like the shelving here.

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One more of the Lumias. This is totally turning into a mood board...

I love the colours of the Nokia Lumia devices and the grid style layout of the Windows Phone platform from an aesthetic perspective

I love the different sizes and shapes of the images and the columns of text on the BBC sports site. Definitely a winner.

Two reasons for pinning this - one is that I like a retro feel to sites and two because the homepage of this site is very striking.

This was one of the original images that I posted to and I actually think it sums up how I want the new site to feel - playful, friendly and approachable

Another simple but detailed image that works really well for me.

I like the detail of this album sleeve. There's loads of stuff in the pic and it really draws you in.

More from Mr Scruff - playful is good. The site needs to feel warm and inviting