Cybersynergetic HonkyKong

Cybersynergetic HonkyKong

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Ancient and Magickal Alphabets.

Reading Rune Stones is truly amazing - they offer incredible personal insights. I make my own sets from smooth oval stones collected from a local beach.

Voodoo Symbole und ihre Bedeutung | Symbole der Hexerei

Farben und Musik

“I smell what cannot be predicted. I see where the day has not yet shone. I hear the silence of a winter not yet hardened and the song of a spring not yet revealed.” – The Witch

Queen of Heaven/ Semiramas/ Isis/Asharoth the 'god of fortifications'. This pagan idolatry began in ancient Babylon with Nimrod, and his wife Semiramas. They created this religion that deified themselves and their god-child, Tammuz/ Horus/ Bacchus. A Babylonian Trinity of gods.

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44 King Solomon Seals , Alchemy, Witchcraft, Magick, wicca. occult, pagan interest.