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Sachunterricht in der Grundschule: Themenplakat "Feuer"


Themenplakat "Feuer"


Wasser schleppen - ein Schetismus-Spiel

Wasser schleppen – ein Schetismus-Spiel

Wasser schleppen - ein Schetismus-Spiel

Igel-Abschreibtexte in Grundschrift


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Blätter im Herbst

Blätter im Herbst _Probe

Geometry play: Paper Roll Shape Stamps

Paper Roll Shape Stamps - Mama. Papa. Bubba.

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What Is The Water Cycle? Science Experiment For Kids

Have you ever been asked by a preschooler where water comes from? why is there rain? what makes a river? how is the sea formed? All of these questions can be answered using the water cycle. Question: What is a water cycle? Answer: A water cycle describes how water moves continuously on Earth. Here is an experiment showing the different stages in the water cycle. What you need a ziplock bag water marker blue food coloring (optional) Steps Warm up the water until steam starts to form. Add blue…

What is Water Cycle?