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Random Inspiration 186

Random Inspiration 186 - UltraLinx

Sugamo Station (巣鴨駅)

Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Tokyo, by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Observatory of Light: Daniel Buren at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

Depending on weather, time of day, placement within or outside the building and proximity to the pattern, the experience shifts in dramatic degrees

Apartment Gets Industrialized After A Modern Remodel

Apartment Gets Industrialized After A Modern Remodel. (Pacific Northwest) by SHED Architecture and Design

Nike of Samothrace Tower Concept Design by Vasily Klyukin [Futuristic Architecture:]

Fairhaven Beach

Pole House by F2 Architecture, Fairhaven beach, Great Ocean Road, Australia

by Peter Davidson Last Flight from JFK “Took me a whole week to get this shot … end of an era.”