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Ashley Judd - I'm related to her. :-)

Someday, soon. I will do this. I think I might want to become a dietitian AND a yoga instructor. But first the student must become the master...

Flexibility inspiration/Challenge

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"In 1701 a Buddhist nun by the name of Ng Mui created a system of Kung Fu in China. Watching a snake and crane fight inspired her. As the snake attacked with direct, straight attacks, the crane responded with evasive movements. The style of self-defense that she created is very effective and today it has become the most practiced style of Kung Fu in the world."

Basic steps for performing a taekwondo style roundhouse kick. Poster size available free. From MARTiAL YOU!

kreative auszeit | das leuchtfeuer für dich - anker lösen, kurs bestimmen, segel setzen ...

Kicker Workout