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Ashley Judd - I'm related to her. :-)

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Someday, soon. I will do this. I think I might want to become a dietitian AND a yoga instructor. But first the student must become the master...

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Flexibility inspiration/Challenge

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"In 1701 a Buddhist nun by the name of Ng Mui created a system of Kung Fu in China. Watching a snake and crane fight inspired her. As the snake attacked with direct, straight attacks, the crane responded with evasive movements. The style of self-defense that she created is very effective and today it has become the most practiced style of Kung Fu in the world."

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu Clothing for Women

Basic steps for performing a taekwondo style roundhouse kick. Poster size available free. From MARTiAL YOU!

MARTiAL YOU - Round House Kick | MARTiAL YOU

kreative auszeit | das leuchtfeuer für dich - anker lösen, kurs bestimmen, segel setzen ...

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Kicker Workout

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Women's Kung Fu

Women’s Kung Fu