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extremely rare albino humpback whale. 1 of 2 spotted in nature; they often suffer from skin cancer or cysts, due to lack of protection from the sun.


"Her mother sang for the whales. It has been ages since she saw her last."

Here Are 22 Animals You Didn't Know Exist. A Couple Will Haunt My Dreams But #19 Is My New Favorite.

another albino whale. such beautiful and rare creatures

Mesmerizing Underwater Photos by WAYNE LEVIN

So majestic. Constantly Reminds me how small we really are. And GOD created this majestic, beautiful creature.

The Journey

Jellyfish #nature https://www.youngliving.org/gregorycgrove

The Great Blue Hole is located off the coast of Belize; it is an underwater sinkhole that provides divers with a crystal clear haven for exploring this underwater wonder.