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Google Cloud Dataflow http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/BeamProposal

IBM Quarks http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/QuarksProposal

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Architecting Scalable Dynamic Systems when Eventual Consistency Wont Work Peter Morgan explains how to architect and build a highly scalable and dynamic system without caching any data. Peter is the head of engineering for the English sports betting company William Hill in a talk at QCon San Francisco 2015 and on several other occasions. feedly ifttt recently read saved for later #curation

Git Branching Strategies In this blog post we will talk about various branching strategies that we can adopt during SDLC. Different strategies exist for different situations with yourorganisationand an informative decision should be taken based on what is available and what is the situation within the team.

Yahoo! Benchmarks Apache Flink Spark and Storm Yahoo! has benchmarked three of the main stream processing frameworks: Apache Flink Spark and Storm. For stream processing Yahoo! used in the past S4 a platform developed internally but a decision was made in 2012 to replace it with Apache Storm. feedly ifttt recently read saved for later #curation