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MASTER LIST OF PHYSICAL to describe faces, bodies, & even hair, for writers! #writingtips

Master list

#writing #tips #character

MASTER LIST of ROMANTIC CONFLICTS for writers #writing #writingtips #nanowrimo

Why Your Story World Needs Flaws | When #worldbuilding for your fantasy #story…

Amanda Patterson (123 Ideas for Character Flaws)

15 Great Plots from Mythology and Ancient Literature to inspire your own stories

Villain(ess) - 39 Motivations. To write the next Great American novel, you need a great villain. But villains are tricky. What motivates a person to be so evil? Why should I believe in your villain? Click through to get more on each motivation and learn to create an enduring villain(ess) like Cruella de Ville or Darth Vader.

Avoid these problems and tighten your submission!