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Fin garden, Iran, Kashan

Iranian Bath House http://www.bykoket.com/projects.php

Kuhdasht, Lorestan Kuhdasht is a large plain which is surrounded by mountains. In Persian, Kuhdasht is composed of "Kuh," which means mountain, and "Dasht," which means plain. Kuhdasht was the residence of Kassites, one of the ancient peoples of Zagros Mountains.

Zaban-e-Mar (Snack's Tongue) canyon, Central Lut desert, Kerman province, Iran (persian: تنگ زبان مار، بیابان لوت مرکزی، استان کرمان) Credits: Mohsen Adib, Omid Mir Jalali - IranDeserts.com/

Dashte Lut Desert - Iran

Located in southeastern Iran - the ruined Mud City of Arg-e-Bam

Iranian architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yazd street Iran Traveling Center irantravelingcent... #iran #tehran #travel

Ali Sadr Cave, Hamadan Iran