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Conkers release a chemical which spiders absolutely hate. Putting them in bowls around the house will stop spiders from entering your home! Must try this, i really don't like spiders!

Natural Wreath - Twiggy Green Symphony - with Chestnuts, Evergreen Cones, Cherry Branches & Millet

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Since it's's a great way to use those conkers that pupils might be collecting, and mix them into your current topics at school!

15 Conkers Crafts (aka Chestnut or Buckeye Crafts for Fall

As we've just collected a billion conkers from the woods looking at stuff to do with them!

Vom herbstlichen Spaziergang einfach ein paar Kastanien mitbringen und losbasteln...

How to make a conker wreath

Conker wreaths make a beautiful Autmumal way to brighten up your door or hallway, I love spiders, but the rest of my family are petrified of them. Conkers are meant to keep them away. Did you know they also have moth repellent properties? Perfect for protecting your wardrobe.

Darling Hazelnut Wreath Ornament

DIY Haselnuss Anhänger Deko