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Get Garage Ready

Get Garage Ready | The Joyful Organizer®

Art fun storage memo board for the kids. 2 dollar garage sale find all fixed up and then adhesive magnets stuck on the back of all of the things ... oh and those are dollar bin target buckets. The dot pens on display just look fun but also have the names of the colors nice and big for little brains to learn. It's fun and organized :)

My Jewelry box is over filled and not handy for necklace storage-this is perfect, and really cute! i need a wooden box like this...i wonder if dad has something in the garage i can swipe?

LEGO Key Organizer

Lego key holder via CraftBlog - what dad wouldn't like the chance to play with Lego's !even kept in the garage for "his" key keeper...key to the garage, tractor key, pad lock key, shed key, spare keys to everyones car ... when they call for h-e-l-p I locked my keys in the car dad !