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Mario and Peach Valentine’s Day by Faniseto

"ALLES NACH PLAN" | Typo Poster | Größe L

Spruch Poster "Alles lief nach Plan" // typo poster via

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Authenticity to one's self is the only thing you can own. I urge you to fight for it, and it's gonna be a war, finish the battle yourself.

we age not by years, but by stories #archetypalbranding #storybranding

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Folge Deinem Herz, aber nimm Dein Gehirn mit.

How many of us feel this way about work, family, sometimes friends?!? LOL it just struck home today & too true=D

Life in Black & White •*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*• All You Need is Love! .. .. a bit of love here and there, all different type of loves through out the day <3 Josie 04*23*2014