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Alessandro Petacchi
Alessandro Petacchi

Alessandro Petacchi

Good day public! We are Anonymous. We are activists who seek to change the system and break the cycle of corruption.

Weitere Ideen von Alessandro

JEWISH SATANISTS ARE CAPTURING AND KILLING CHILDREN IN THE UNITED STATES! Passover is a jewish tradition what implies the bloodletting of little children in a ritual. Boycott Mcdonald's, boycott Israel, fight the jewish entity, fight zionism and keep an eye on your children!

THE ISIS TERROR IS A CIA/MOSSAD OPERATION! The allesged leader of ISIS (IS ISrael) Abu Al-Baghdadi is from Baghdad and went to Al-Baghdadi university. This ain't no joke, this is the script these washington idiots wrote. He has a Twitter account and writes in perfect english.

The MH17 Deception Fully Exposed - All the Evidence Pt.1

Africans Accuse Western Doctors Without Borders Of Spreading Ebola! Doctors without borders have been threatened by the Africans with machetes and knives and forced to flee in several african countries like Sierra Leone and Guinea. An african nurse has witnessed cannibalistic rituals in a hospital in Sierra Leone and never return to her workplace. The Ebola virus is in the vaccine!

Anonymous - Operation Ferguson Continues! To the citizen of Ferguson and from around the world, The horrible execution murder of 17 year old Michael Brown has fueled an outrage in the city of Ferguson. We, the collective of Anonymous will not stand by. We will not let this cruel murder go unpunished or unnoticed. This outrage may be just the beginning of a revolution against the police state the United States has become to.

Robin Williams Illuminati Sacrifice Exposed - Predictive Programming On ... BBC aired on the 11th of August a Family Guy episode where the main character Peter Griffin attempting a suicide and throughout this episode everything Peter goes around touching turns into Robin Williams. Just a few minutes later this episode ended the death of Robin Williams was anounced.

BUSTED! BBC Deleted Video Showing Witnesses Reporting MH17 Was Shot Down...

Anonymous - Who Is Anonymous?