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Fluffy white kitten

Stop What You Are Doing And Look At These Slittens


Super Hero dresser my aunt and I made. Need: Mod Podge, Sponge brush, comic books, dresser 1. Cut up comic book characters 2. Use sponge or brush to spread mod podge on dresser 3. Make a collage of the cut out comic book pieces onto the dresser then spread another layer of the mod podge over the already placed comic book pieces. 4. Spray paint dresser and knobs. 5. Enjoy your new dresser!

Scrapbook paper and modge podge dresser. So pretty!

Before and After: A Well-Travelled Dresser

i have some modge podge and I am looking for a project...this could be cute for the baby room.

DIY: Tea Storage Jars

diy tea storage jars

cupcake liners for the top of gift jars.

#72 DIY: Merci, dass es dich gibt...

...liebste Mama, liebster Papa, liebste beste Freundin, liebster bester Freund, liebste Arbeitskollegin, liebste Schulfreundin, liebste Oma, liebster Opa, liebste ...