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Karoo bathroom -- South Africa


Smart Art ★ Kunstdruck Einhorn

Smart Art ★ Kunstdruck Einhorn

DIY - Happy Carnival Baby | Faschingskostüme auf Mummy Mag | Mummy Mag

DIY - Happy Carnival Baby | Faschingskostüme auf Mummy Mag

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8 Unseen Evidences — The Art of Self-Growth & Planting Seeds Along the Way.

Everyone has dreams and as we growth up sometimes we growth apart from them. I like to call them broken dreams, dreams that still alive just need the attention needed for them to start on a burning fire again! please help us to follow our their by checking listed link and leaving your opinions and thoughts. It will mean a lot to me and I will always be grateful to you guys. like share and pin <3 #love you and thank you. #music

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So cute! I wonder how much it hurts. I also wonder how I'd use headphones with this thing..

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Triple forward helix. I got this done about 3 months ago. I can just now sleep on it. Take 4-6 months to heal and are a pain in the ass to clean. Make sure you go to an APP piercer. -HW

EAR BLING | Studded Hearts

Pastellfarben,Einfach Schön,Wohnen,Innenausstattung,Farbpalette,Farbkombinationen,Innere,Perfekt,Zuhause

Helgeblomst i papirform.

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"DU BIST TOLL" Kunstdruck, Geschenk

"DU BIST TOLL" Kunstdruck, Geschenk von SMART ART Kunstdrucke ® auf

"DU BIST TOLL" Kunstdruck, Geschenk

... bathroom

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Holzboden im Badezimmer.... wunderbare Haptik für die Füße

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