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Poster mit Druck "Heute wegen gestern geschlossen!" // poster with typo by this-is-it via


"SINN." miniposter mit umschlag von FUNI SMART ART minipostershop auf


….but it is important to remember whether you are seeking or simply escaping.

"SCHLAF GUT" Kunstdruck, Farbe: mint

"SCHLAF GUT" Kunstdruck mit Monster, mint // artprint, monster by Smart-Art Kunstdrucke via

Have to keep this one and send to people on monday...haha

This was my response to the girl at the DQ who said "no way" when I asked if she'd mix in the Swedish fish I brought in into my blizzard.

.Nähe ist keine Frage der Entfernung

Yes! This is for you, girlfriends, who makes plans with your girls to go out when you don't really feel like it, wait for everyone else to get ready before finally deciding to bail at the last minute. Just say NO up front (or at least don't get bent out of shape when we treat your maybe like a no). We'll still love you!