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Christmas Ideas Pinterest Top Pins And Best Craft

Christmas House Rules: 1. Believe In Santa . 2. Live It Up and Laugh It Up . 3. Remember Its Better To Give Than Receive . 4. Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle . 5. Christmas Calories Don't Count . 6. Always Hug It Out . 7. There's Magic In The Merry . 8. All Hearts Come Home For Christmas.

Christmas Craft Ideas

raumdinge: Noch mehr Weihnachtswichtel: Adventskalender schnell und einfach selbst gebastelt

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Chrismas Cookies

Chrismas Cookies — Christmas

Christmas Township Candle Jar: Quick and easy candle jar that will look amazing when illuminated at night. complete directions.

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Adventskranz "Landhaus" frisch gebunden

Adventskranz "Landhaus" frisch gebunden von Blumenträume Hübsch auf

Adventskranz "Landhaus" frisch gebunden

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Paper-Plate Angels

Martha's Paper-Plate Angel: Trace a paper angel shape onto a plate with a fluted edge, + cut out with a utility knife. two cuts for wings are different, one made from inside out, other from outside in. Embellish edge of plate with one or two decorative hole punches. With angel facing you, shape her skirt into a circle; slide outside cut over inside one to make wings. Curl some paper around a narrow rod, such as a skewer, + make a name card. Secure it in her hands with a dab from a glue…

Paper-Plate Angels | Martha Stewart


Holiday decorations as close as your back yard

DIY: Table Top Christmas Tree made from fresh evergreen clippings.

Holiday decorations as close as your back yard

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DIY Sterne aus Zahnstochern und Masking Tape Weihnachtsdeko

Sternchen | relleoMein