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yeah :'( I hate seeing pictures of him and it makes me remember and think of what he promised me... of what he said. and now he is going on pretending I don't exist nor that I ever was in his life. and that kills me because I try to get over him but all I can do is cry because he obviously doesn't care about or for me anymore... if only he knew how I felt about this, I would feel better because at least he knows what he has caused :'(

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Today I told my crush that I like him, I was so nervous and scared of his reaction and answer. It turns out. He likes me too! I'm gonna fucking die!

Heartfelt Quotes: I always think of you.

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21 Unforgettable Advices on Love Relationships.

Relationships. He should make time for you and show you off.

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Yeah it's lovely to be loved by others; but it feels one hundred times better to love than be loved. The feeling of making someone else feel special for the tiniest moment is a wonderful thing. So spread the love!

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This is super hard to learn for anyone that has been through a narcissistic relationship... they make you believe they "really" need "you" and yet are just expert sociopaths and manipulative liars with the most charming personalities.

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