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Jasmin Pflanze

LOVE the look of Espalier vines... hubby is going to Espalier our fence with Star Jasmine, can't wait!

Confederate Jasmine, AKA star Jasmine. The fragrance divine, but also is a rugged plant that can add privacy, is easily trained to climb and can fill out wimpy lattice!

10 plants you can't kill image 10. Star Jasmine The versaitility of Star Jasmine makes it an unkillable winner – ground cover, climber, spreading bush or indoor plant. The fragrant flowers appear in summer. They’re not fussy about soil type or aspect – doing well in sun or shade.

I've had this project on my gardening "to-do" list for 2 years...will attempt it this spring with Confederate Jasmine. Step 1: measure and lightly mark the pattern outline on the wall. Step 2: Insert screw eyes at each corner and junction where wires will cross. Step 3: Thread 20-gauge wire through the screw eyes to form the frame. Step 4: Pull wire taut and tighten by twisting with pliers. Step 5: Secure young vine stems to the wire using flexible garden ties and let it grow!

Margarita Carolina Jessamine Carolina Jasmine Plant

Fragrant Plants and Flowers - Choosing the Best Fragrant Flowers - Country Living Nicotiana Of the many species of flowering tobacco, try Nicotiana alata 'Jasmine' — with white trumpets that open at dusk — or N. sylvestris, which reaches four to five feet and smells of freesia.


Climbing Jasmine Fast growing, strong climbing, evergreen vine. Leaves are deep green, with 5-7 leaflets in a group. Profuse clusters of very fragrant, pink with white-centered tubular flowers, to 3/4 inches wide and 3 inches long. Quick covering for fences and trellises. Excellent container plant or trained around topiary form.

Star Jasmine | Picture Plants

My 2nd fav flower/plant in the history if the world! Spring White hyacinth. ♥ Luvzzzzz. X

I'd be afraid to hurt the flowers. Nonetheless, this would be my favorite place to pretend to fly.

Cestrum nocturnum aka night-blooming jessamine/jasmine. The queen of the night. Exquisitely, intoxicatingly fragrant plant that blooms and emits its perfume only at night.

Living plants decorated at the living room generating good chi.

potted jasmine. for our bedroom balcony in the new house? would love it to waft into the bedroom during the summer...

darling courtyard, like the "trellis" wall - two types of vining plants used, jasmine on the trellis and creeping fig in the centers. Picturesque Courtyard Garden | Traditional Home

jasmine vine along covered patio posts/ ATTRACTS: Hummingbirds. This climbing Jasmine will rapidly wrap around supports. Plant alone. Plant as a background. Buy potted plants that are twice the height of their container in early Spring. Fragrant. Plant Pansies nearby which also attract Hummingbirds.

Star Jasmine Plant for

Winter Jasmine Green stems in winter and its graceful appearance make it a great plant above retaining walls. For steep banks and other areas too difficult to navigate or maintain, winter jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) is a good solution. This deciduous plant (semi-evergreen to evergreen in warmer climates) splays its long branches in all directions, rooting as they go and forming new plants.

An elegant stone balustrade overlooking the sunken garden is planted with jasmine

Star Jasmine • Trachelospermum jasminoides • Confederate Jasmine • Chinese ivy, Chinese jasmine Jasmin rhynchospermum, Jasmin rhyncospermum • Plants & Flowers •

How to create a yard of plants and flowers that shine by the light of the moon.

And at the moment, I want a miniature lemon tree to keep in the corner of my living room. *ponder ponder* Once I have my own living room again.