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Rita's PolyClay Plays

making baskets

Chris’ Shiny Beads Process | Chris Pellow Designs

Fondant Flower Tutorials | Fondant cakes / Shawna flower tutorial by Corrie Cakes

Tutorial: Modelaje fondant Papa Noel y Reno

Starless Clay: Sutton Slice Leaf Ornament Tutorial

kitty kat

Hello kitty

miniature ice cream IV by FatalPotato

lots of polymer clay tutorials!


Fondant Husky Tutorial by mauelidadesfran on FaceBook - Could be used for polymer clay too.

tutorial on imitation Jade. Most of her site is in French but this is English

Word Pendant Tutorial - how to make a simple pendant with much info on basics. Very Easy Begginer project. #polymer #clay #tutorial

Polymer Clay Tutorials THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION How by mousemarket, learn how to make miniature sweets and dollhouse foods with easy-to-follow, full-color photos and instructions.

  • The Mouse Market

    Thanks, Lily! I've been sculpting food with polymer clay for awhile, so I've had a lot of practice, but I show you how to make your food just as realistic in the book. :)

  • lily b

    How did you make it look so real?

  • The Mouse Market

    Hi, Melissa! There are instructions for "bear donuts" in the Bakery Treats book pictured above (and you could simply leave the bear ears and face off for regular donuts), and I show how to easily make regular donuts of different shapes in my Miniature Breakfast Foods book. They might look hard, but I promise they're not! :) A lot of my customers were complete beginners before they started using my tutorials, and now they're making super cute tiny food on their own.

  • Melissa Jonah

    But very cool difficult looking

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▶ Ham Sandwich Polymer Clay Tutorial - YouTube


tuto nounours

a bunch of polymer clay tutorials